by Paula Williams

When the beautiful 18-year-old Trinidad is swept ashore on a beach in California, she’s rescued by handsome human Rick Larsen. She remembers nothing of her past, but Rick knows she’s a Daystealer.  Daystealers are Nadirians, immortal beings who ensure their immortality by stealing time from humans—every day they steal from a human buys them another day of eternity.  Dismayed and confused, Trinidad runs off to San Francisco, where blind instinct leads her home. There she finds her people massacred and her brother—the only one who can tell her who and what she really is—missing. Guided only by the mysterious message he left behind, Trinidad sets out to defeat the dark forces that threaten to kill her brother, enslave humankind, and destroy the Nadirian race. Caught between the love of sexy Nightstealer Saba and the stalwart Rick, surrounded by enemies seen and unseen, Trinidad must battle rogue humans, crossbreed wraiths, and Nadirian traitors to save what’s left of the world. Who she trusts will determine whether she dies—or lives forever.

STEALERSAGA novels are not merely fanciful creations of the mind. In developing a race with history, mores, and gods, I’ve delved into a myriad of interests and odd bits of trivia–from brain research of memory loss, the monogamous nature of the Wandering Albatross, and the life cycle of an immortal jellyfish to Ancient Egyptian mythology, powerful symbols and amulets, and the practices of Mongolian shamans. During your journey with Trinidad, you’ll travel across the globe through a variety of cultures and terrains, and in this blog, I want to share that world’s creation. These thoughtful musings, snippets of song and literature, and curious (and sometimes terrifying) images will widen the curtain into the Stealer world, a world I’m afraid might be our possible future.

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  1. Great idea sharing the creative process an author goes though to create a book. Facinating how one bit of research or a picture can trigger an idea for a imagined culture or a motivation for a character. Look forward to reading more!

  2. Can’t wait to meet Trinidad, who sounds like a character with a lot of adventures ahead of her! I look forward to how you toss all those disparate elements into the pot and cook up a good tale. I like stories about magic, fantasy worlds, adventure and the saving of the world. You sound like you have it all! Fantastic photos here, too, intriguing… Hope to see more soon!

  3. It sounds highly original, compelling and complex in a good way. I think you’ll have many, many readers following Trinidad’s adventures. I particularly like the idea of the multiple cultural references interwoven into the story.

    1. Creating another culture was the most challenging and rewarding of researching and writing these books. I hope it pays off for the reader and how they visualize the Stealer world.

  4. I love it when books have these historical and cultural subtexts. It makes learning fun! Can’t wait to read the Stealersaga!

  5. I love all of the pictures and how some aspects of the story, like the characters, are portrayed through the artwork. It’s nice to just browse your website and create an imagery in my head. So awesome! Love Daystealers by the way. ❤

  6. I found the Web site quite intriguing, a page turner nearly as a novel. Truly! The quotes from portions of your writing drew me in—a sweet touch. I also experienced the Gothic touch in the art, the photos—with the dark and alluring hues—to be nicely in keeping with the themes in your writing.

    1. Thank you, Doug. It’s good to hear from you. I’m glad the tone of the website came across as I intended. Still meeting with Michael. Hope to keep in touch in the future.

  7. I think you have something very interesting here, I must complement you on your synopsis of the Stealersaga, learned something very valuable from it.

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